Feel Like a Star at H.Bar!

Men need pampering too!!!


Bett and I spent an afternoon at H. Bar Body Lounge Spa. H.Bar offers an assortment of body scrubs and massages with various, self produced, organic scents. Thought we’d get a pampering after my painful climb of Mt. Maculot the day before, and Bett’s active weekend at Laguna.


I thought the bar themed services was a playful touch. A nod to their sister company, 
Nail Cocktales.

Our masseurs were Ate Lyn (mine) and Ate Richel (Bett’s). Ate Lyn had such light hands, probably the most gentle hands I've had on my body. (Oh shut up! You know what I mean.)

We started with a cleansing body scrub. My first time ever! The scrub started with a layer of body wash, and then the body scrub lotion and ends with a mask to keep the skin healthy. My body wash had an avocado scent that I surprisingly enjoyed (considering I never liked avocado).

IMG_0891 IMG_0929
Simple, uncluttered and elegant design with a soothing earthy tone. 

Next was the full body massage, a massage I knew all too well. I fell asleep immediately. It was so relaxing that when I woke up, it felt like I haven't used my muscles in a long time.

IMG_0930 IMG_0876 IMG_0927

During the scrub, I could sense that Ate Lyn was avoiding my wounds and bruises. And during the massage, when I'd twitch even the slightest, she adjusts the pressure immediately! I never asked for her to do those things. And that’s the kind of personal concern you want when someone is taking care of your body.

IMG_0899 IMG_0880 IMG_0905
Left: First stop - feet washing. Right: Get comfy for your leg services.

IMG_0943 IMG_0946
The avocado cream had a sweet, soft scent.

And finally, we ended our afternoon of self indulgence with a facial - another service I've never tried before. So this is what it's like to have your face massaged! There's so many parts to it too! There's a layer of facial cleanser, exfoliate lotion, massage cream, mask (which smells like JellyAce, btw) and moisturizer.

Don't be surprised that this is all news to me. I'm a guy. And I guarantee you, there's very few of us who know about these things. But bros, there's no shame in trying it once in your life.:)

13423629454_18b9ca8150_z 13423260655_7c10074c91_z
Only organic stuff touches my skin... 
(Photos from Bettina Bacani)

Disposable underwear.......DISPOSABLE. UNDERWEAR.

The whole thing lasted 5 hours. My god! Never in my life have I done something so unbelievably relaxing. It's no surprise that one month in, their business is already booming. The H in H.Bar means "Haven". Because it's a place where people can find sanctuary. And true enough, this place IS a haven!

Ask for Ate Lyn!

13423257225_2c14889747_z 13423622944_e9915121f0_z
Thank you to our ate's, and of course, Ms. Agnes and Sir Jeff for having us over!

So when you're tired from your job, your dramas or stresses, treat yourself to an afternoon of maximum relaxation. Get revived with their countless massages and scrubs. Lie down, forget everything, and let H. Bar do the rest.


H.Bar Body Lounge Spa
Open daily from 2pm - 2am
195 Tomas Morato Cor. Scout Fuentebella, Q.C.
Tel. No. (02) 345-4681 / 0905-5011878
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