Movie Icon Mayhem! @ Movie Stars Cafe


That was the most fun I've ever had in a "restaurant"! (If that's what you want to call it.)

Movie Stars Cafe (MSC) is a resto-museum with a Cosplayer attitude and some Disneyland flare.


Let me elaborate. 

1) Restaurant

Diners have an option whether to go ala carte or buffet. At their buffet, we saw a range of Filipino, American and Japanese dishes at the buffet line. As for the ala carte dishes, they're prepared by a chef who's trained at Mandarin Hotel and Hotel Intercon. So it looks like the ala carte is quality food too.

IMG_1245 IMG_1263 IMG_1265 IMG_1236

Some ala carte menu items.

The buffet prices.

MSC has a 6pm-10pm buffet and a 10pm-2am buffet. The prices and food vary - the former serves dinner food while the latter only serves snack/pica pica food.

IMG_1269 IMG_1472 IMG_1268
Some pica pica items and relishes for you to "make your own burger".

2) Museum

As their name suggests, MSC is movie-themed. It's very much like a Hollywood icon museum there because you have all these classic movie posters, autographed celebrity photos, and pop culture statues and memorabilia.

IMG_1229 IMG_1232 IMG_1249 IMG_1221 IMG_1222 IMG_4216
Just enjoying the view.

There's so many celeb head shots there I don't think MSC left anybody out! Bruce Willis, ScarJo, Toby Maguire, everybody's there. And the Han Solo frozen in carbonite was a really nice touch! MSC celebrates ALL movies (and actors), both classic and contemporary!

IMG_1228 IMG_1206 IMG_1223 IMG_1190 IMG_1202 IMG_1200 IMG_1271 IMG_1325 IMG_4204
Photos with me in them are courtesy of Bettina Bacani.:)

3) Cosplay Event

The staff are in costume! There's literally people whose primary job is to play a character, walk around and entertain diners! 

IMG_1310 IMG_1464 copy
Left: Spider-Man chillin' on the sofa.

IMG_1311 IMG_1468 IMG_1391
Bett's "dates".

IMG_1385 IMG_4336
Left: Darth Vader and Storm Trooper...shirt.

And they're ABSOLUTELY and EXCRUCIATINGLY HILARIOUS! Seriously! Bett and I hurt our jaws from laughing too much the whole night! And the more they see that you appreciate their efforts, the more they stick around at your table to interact, take pictures and make you laugh! Sobrang, sobrang kulit lang.

To the MSC staff, especially to Spider-Man, Iron Man, Ghostface (Scream), Freddy Kruger and the mime, thanks for being so incredibly accommodating that night! You guys were awesome!

IMG_1460 IMG_4345 IMG_1394 IMG_1471

The costumes came from the original restaurant at Japan while cosplayers are trained in-house at MSC. According to Restaurant Supervisor, Lordly Pascual, they can develop their staff's talent. What's important to them is that their staff have a fun, energetic and friendly personalities.

4) Disneyland Brand of Fun

MSC has something very similar to Disneyland parades. MSC has a NIGHTLY VARIETY SHOW! These shows start at 7 pm, and end after midnight! Every 30 minutes, a new "movie" is shown - that is, a dance or musical number inspired from movies like Spider-Man, High School musical, Grease, Iron Man, Beauty and the Beast, etc - and every night the show line up changes. 

IMG_1278 IMG_1366 IMG_1347
You'll be pretty amazed when you see what they did with Iron Man!

IMG_1502 IMG_1501 IMG_1506 IMG_1508
Spider-Man entered upside down from the ceiling. With no harness!

The performances are expertly done and creatively crafted. (Expect a lot of humor with the awesome dancing) And they don't slack, as what you might expect from people who do it EVERY NIGHT. Instead, they always smile and go all out! Performance level all the way!

The resident Michael Jackson.

IMG_1373 IMG_1375
Right: Be our guest. Left: Gaston being Gaston.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

These guys can DANCE!

With the dancers.

They've been open since December 2012. I can't believe it took me so long to go there. This place was destined for my blog! You definitely have to go here, even just once, just to experience this very unique place. Dont forget though, YOU HAVE TO RESERVE A TABLE. This place is PACKED! Avoid the delay or the risk of not being seated. Don't walk-in. Reserve! (See Tel # at the bottom.)

And as a BONUS, Bett and I were given a chance to give our readers a discount. When you reserve or dine in Movie Stars Cafe, give them this code QMYZ-1953 and you'll get a 10% discount to your total bill!!! Yeahba!

IMG_1201 IMG_1481
What's the difference between Super Kid and myself? Only one of us is an ACTUAL kid.

Movie Stars Cafe is not your average buffet. It's musical show. It's a comedy bar. It's a joyride. It's an incredible experience! It's so much fun, it's exhausting!

The five year old in me stood up and applauded the whole night.

Movie Stars Cafe
is located at By The Bay, Seaside Blvd at the SM Mall of Asia grounds
They're open from Monday to Friday at 4pm - 2am and Saturday to Sunday at 12nn - 2am
For reservations (and party packages), call 0905-2779999 / 0908-2009999 / (02) 550-1234
Or email
For more news on Movie Stars Cafe, follow their Facebook page!

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