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This is a review of Metal Gear Groundzer

As usual, Hideo Kojima brings us masterful movie making in the form of a videoga

And I had my worries about changing Snake's iconic voice from David Hayter to Kiefer Sutherland, but Kiefer brings his A game, as he ads his well known Jack Bauer intensity and gruffness into the renowned video game charac

Stimulating next gen visuals with more challenging gameplay mechanics. 
Just wish it offered a tad bit more.

The only problem is that it was cut too short. It leaves you wanting. Too short for it's worth, at the very least. You pay for a full game, but get one stage.

Sure there are bonus stages, similar to VR missions, and there are even some fun call backs to old school Metal Gear, but there's nothing there that really moves the story along significantly.

Hideo Kojima: The genius behind the franchise and architect of our frustration.
Still gotta love him though.

In short, bitin.


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