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Comic Review: Marvel NOW Uncanny X-Men TPB Vol. 1


After the events of AVX (where he was possessed by Phoenix force and killed his adoptive father, Professor X), Cyclops and co. is now underground on the run from authorities. Being scrutinized and hated a tad more by the world, Cyclops still continues his mission to find a place for mutantkind to live in peace.

But this time, he's not just waiting for humanity to accept them. In Uncanny X-Men NOW, Cyclops' mutant revolution begins! He's turned their plight into a propaganda! Cyclops masterfully turns mutant injustice into public escapades while recruiting new mutants to his uprising. 

I love Uncanny X-Men's focus on social oppression and the machinations of a revolution. It's always been the undercurrent in X-stories, but here it's brought forward in a big way. Uncanny has the makings of a really good political book, even giving us a taste of the ideologies of both Cyclops' rogue team and their opposition. Even though the story strays a bit in the end (when things become a little too supernatural for my taste), I still enjoyed the rise of Cyclops' revolution and the edgier, darker tone that goes with it.

Cyclops is LITERALLY the face of the revolution!

Along with this new era are new costumes. Cyclops' new Racer X look is just amazing! It made him a bit more aggressive. And the linings on his suit are reminiscent of a priest’s robe. His intimidating and cult-like appearance is perfect for his new role as a no nonsense rebel leader. Also, gone are Magneto’s trademark red and violet drapes, instead he dons an all-white cloak. Their new looks seem to purposely allude to being a religious group.

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Cult-esq garb for the new Uncanny era.

I'll be looking forward to more of these new X-stories courtesy of Brian Michael Bendis. Brian Bendis authors both All New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men and you can really appreciate how they relate to and contrast each other. (It's like watching a spinoff series along with the original!) If All New X-Men is the ray of hope in X-books, Uncanny accepts the world as it is - gritty and vindictive. It's why the mutankind needs Cyclops - and his revolution.


The recruitment poster for mutant kids to join.:)

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