Classics Collected at Chef Robert

Ever had a hard time deciding if you want Thai Curry or Fried Tilapia? They're two of your favorites, but are unfortunately located in two different restaurants. But what if I told you you could get both (and more) of your food favorites in just one place?


That's what Chef Robert wanted to do when he created his restaurant - gather all of the classics and favorites and put them all under one roof! He calls it comfort food. The menu can get a bit overwhelming (since they serve so many food favorites) but breeze through it so you get the best collection of dishes you can possibly want!

Our delicious meal!

IMG_2014 IMG_2018

We started with a really good mushroom and squash soup (P75 each) both made from scratch. Bett and I both enjoyed the mushroom soup! It was flavorful and had small mushroom bits.

Another appetizer we had was the Salad Rolls (P225). It's soft of like the Japanese kani salad, except stylized.


One of their best sellers is the Thai Green Chicken Curry (P195). It's milky and creamy! And the curry taste isn't too strong. It also has a mild spicy note that makes it exciting! Delicious!


Another one of their best sellers is their Korean Beef Stew (P215). The beef is tender has a deep flavor and its sauce is sweet. I loved pouring the sauce all over my rice! At first I thought it was just okay, but it was something I grew to love as I was finishing it.


And we capped it off with this cute carrot cake (P140) for 2!

IMG_2032 IMG_2007

Just look at the layers on that cake! And next time, we're gonna try the Coffee Jelly. Coz I think I'm ready for this jelly! (Witty!)

IMG_2000 IMG_2008
IMG_1999 IMG_2010
Chef Robert's uncluttered, cafe-style interiors. And a cake I'd also like to try soon.:)

The food was so good that Bett and her family already went back TWICE in the past 2 weeks! And Bett is already a member of the "Friends of Chef Robert" group - sort of like Pancake House' Orange Card. Having it gives you a 10% discount on all their offerings. It's gonna be really useful for when we go there again.:)

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Other Chef Robert promos include value sets and Happy Hour pricing!

The Singapore-educated and extremely courteous Chef Robert Tan told us that his restaurant has been open since 2009. And while it's still the only branch, a big part of their business now comes from their catering service. So if you're looking for one, I highly recommend Chef Robert. A wide array of no frills good food at reasonable prices.

With the very young Chef Robert! Thank you Chef!

Chef Robert's menu grows along with the changing trends, but one thing that doesn't change is their commitment to providing quality comfort food to their customers! So make sure you drop by and try the classics they've collected over at Chef Robert!


Chef Robert
is located at 847 Banawe Street, Quezon City.
They're open from Monday to Sunday, 11am - 10pm.
Find out what else they have by following their Facebook page!

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