King Kong Attacks Empire Steak

King Kong's Steak, that is!

If you’re looking for quality steak, at a reasonable price, then Empire Steak is where you can get it! 

IMG_2213 IMG_2207
Empire "Steak". Get it? Get it???

Business-educated and former Ateneo Jesuit Chef, Chef Conrad Legaspi, opened Empire Steak last August 2013 to give diners a chance to get their hands on no-frills, gourmet steaks. We got to try his signature steak – King Kong's Steak! And dear lord. Pure joy.

Presenting King Kong's Steak! (P499)

It’s TWO intensely sumptuous US Rib Eye steaks, grilled to a perfect dark brown, with "everything on it" and a choice of gravy or barbecue sauce on the side. And by everything, Chef Conrad means EEEEEVVVRRRYYYTTTHHIIIINNGGG!!! From a sunny side up egg, chopped bacon, onions, mushrooms, and potato chips. King Kong's steak is a total sensory experience. Taste, texture, aroma, presentation, all taken into careful consideration by the Chef.

Steak, with steak on the side.

IMG_2273 IMG_2257
Medium well and everything on it!

This baby is enough to feed 2 grown men! Bett and I even had left overs!

IMG_2244 IMG_2247
God, we love steak. Who doesn't love steak?!?!

It was a taste explosion! No wonder it was part of's Top 10 Steaks Under P500!

Another best-seller was their mouth-watering truffle mashed potato (P99). Chef Conrad uses real butter and truffle oil on them. It gives his potatoes a deep, smoky taste. It's very very unique and well worth its price. Trust us, once you take the first bite, you'll know what I mean.

IMG_2248 IMG_2241
Small but terribly delectable.

Chef Conrad wanted Empire Steak to capture a New York, street food vibe (generally known for its good food and its modesty). Empire's space is snug but wouldn't be an issue if you're there to eat and go. And diners order from a window, reminiscent of an NY food truck. (Even their menu is similar to NY street food.)

IMG_2219 IMG_2276 IMG_2225 IMG_2226
Gyros: something we'll definitely come back for!

Finding it is a bit tricky though. It's in the general vicinity of Maginhawa Street, but not exactly on the street itself. It's on a smaller street (Masinsinan) on the left of Cha Dao milk tea, and on the right of the Teachers Village East Barangay Hall. It's a hole in the wall, in an area full of holes in a wall. (If you even call it that.)

You can't miss the loud colors.

Thank you Chef Conrad!

Empire Steak is a quirky, casual restaurant for anyone who's looking for an accessible quality steak. If you're a meat lover (which almost everybody is), you HAVE to try King Kong's Steak! Good luck wrestling it away from him though! (Budubum-tsss!)


Empire Steak
is located at #4 Masinsinan Street, Teachers' Village East, Q.C.
They're open everyday, from 12nn - 10pm.
You can contact them at 0917 612 2912

IMPORTANT P.S. Chef Conrad is actually an Italian Chef. And so from time to time, to keep his menu fresh (and so he doesn't get bored), pasta and/or Italian food is offered to diners. So don't forget to like Empire Steak's Facebook page and be updated with their news! Where else can you find an ever changing menu like this??!

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