X-Men X-cellence!

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I have no words.

MICMIC RATING: (tumataginting na) 10/10!!! 
(Although admittedly, my very low expectations might have had something to do with the score.)

X-Men-DOFP-Poster-3 X-Men-DOFP-Poster-6-438x650
Absolutely the BEST X-Men film to date!

The Good:
+ X-treme and X-citing action sequences! A generally better handle on the different mutant powers. Also...Mutant Tag Team! (Magneto and Storm! Blink and Colossus!)
+ A large but very well-balanced cast and a dialed down reliance on Wolverine/Hugh Jackman to drive the story.
+ Great story! Even with a familiar comic book story, it still manages to be interesting and makes surprising plot swerves. And the pacing between story pieces and action pieces is well done.
+ The sense of urgency and real consequence. The tone was appropriately darker and more mature. (Can't have the end of the world without anyone actually dying, right?)
+ A visual masterpiece. Set designs were magnificent.
+ Light humor and tons of callbacks to all of the previous X-Men films as well as fun little Easter eggs from the comics.  
+ The culmination of the X-Men cinematic universe.
+ QUICKSILVER! And that show stealing kitchen sequence! Avenger's Quicksilver is going to have to step it up a notch!
+ A much better Mystique (than in First Class)
+ Bobby Drake and Kitty Pride!!!
+ A faithful incarnation of the Sentinels: Brutal, relentless and often times frightening. 
+ Cameos galore!
+ SCOTT SUMMERS. Boom. Panis.

Future X-Men ROCKED!

xmen-days-of-future-past-character-posters-4 x-men-dofp-character-poster-iceman-and-kitty-pryde Colossus + Blink! Iceman + Kitty Pride!

Don't judge a book by its stupid looking jacket.QUICKSILVER WAS SHITBALLZAMAZING!

X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Empire-Cover-1-Sentinel-Thumbnail X-Men-Days-of-Future-Past-Empire-Cover-25-Future-Sentinel
Scary Sentinels are scary.

What the after credits scene SHOULD have been.

The Bad: (but not deal breakers)
- Post credits scene was just meh.
- Occasional lousy Sentinel CGI
- Magneto shooting Mystique was just stupid
- Underutilized Tyrion Lannis....er, Peter Dinklage
- If Bishop was alone, he'd be totally useless.

Oh, and no Rogue.

Better than Avengers or Cap 2. THERE! I SAID IT! After all these years of watching X-Men movies and feeling underwhelmed, I can finally say that this one was just absolutely GREAT. It was so much fun to watch! The X-Men franchise has finally redeemed itself!


PS. For those who didn't get the post-credits scene, I shall explain.


The guy you see in the end and has blue skin is APOCALYPSE. Here are the things you need to know about him:
  • He is not a woman. The blue skinned person is a DUDE. Albeit an effeminate looking dude, but a dude nonetheless. 
  • He's the X-Men villain that tops all other X-Men villains. (Kinda like Goku's Majin Buu, or Superman's Darkseid.)
  • He was the first ever mutant. He was born several thousand years ago in Ancient Egypt. 
  • The people were chanting "En Sabah Nur". This is Apocalypse' birth name. Also, it wasn't "Istanbul".
  • He has the ability to manipulate the molecules in his body which lets him control his size, density, shape...(Meaning he will never get pimples, and never get fat.)
  • More importantly, he can repair any injury, and practically give himself any weapon or superhuman ability. The possibilities from his ability are almost limitless.
  • He also gets his hands on advanced technology further augmenting his mutant abilities and giving him that traditional metallic/mechanical look.
  • He believes in a survival of the fittest philosophy. Only the strong should survive. (Regardless if you're a mutant of a human)
  • The four guys in horseback behind him (during the post-credits scene) are his Four Horsemen. They're Apocalypse' posse - Death, Famine, Pestilence and War.
  • He's the boss fight in X-Men VS. Street Fighter.

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