Godzilla VS. Flying Ipis!

Godzilla VS. Flying Ipis (times infinity)!!!!! (*Not actual screen cap. Just great fan art)


The only good thing about this movie was Godzilla himself. To be even more specific, the monster showdown climax was the best (and only) interesting part about the Godzilla reboot. 

This movie was made out to be a disaster movie. In that the humans are mere spectators in the destruction that nature brings. But unfortunately, disaster movies work when there's emotional gravitas - something that this film sorely lacks.


I love Aaron Taylor-Johnson but he was super flat in this film. (Even when his father dies and when he finally sees his family again). And his character had no development at all. He was just trying to get to his family the whole time, and when he does, the payoff was underwhelming.

Ken Watanabe's face for most of the movie.

Actually, most of the "human" parts weren't captivating. The actors never had the chance to shine (with the exception of Bryan Cranston - because Heisenberg.) Ken Watanabe, in fact, looked like he was always high. All the deaths in the movie felt obligatory, only the extras and not anyone we care about really dies. (And we don't care much about anybody to begin with.) The final conflict finds the humans trying to stop a nuclear attack that THEY created in the first place. Bottom line, the humans were inconsequential.

The only saving grace. Heisenberg.

That's not to say it's a bad movie. In fact, I enjoyed it a little. It's one of those things where the level of satisfaction you get depends on what you expect from the movie. If you're looking for plot, substance, good acting, strong drama, character development, then you'll probably get bored with this. But if you're looking to see a more accurate incarnation of the old-school, monster-battling, fire-breathing, ass-kicking and name-taking Godzilla, then you're absolutely gonna LOVE it! It's a Godzilla BY a fan, FOR the fans!

Godzilla-art-horizontal godzilla-nature-has-an-order-trailer-10

MICMIC RATING: 6/10 (I enjoyed Godzilla. But it still didn't make up for all the sins this movie committed.)

PS. Here's hoping the sequel includes Ultraman or Jeagers.:)

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PPS. It's gonna be weird seeing Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as siblings in Avengers 2 after seeing them make out.:))

Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch playing house.

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