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Last year, I made a list of movies I was excited about in 2014. Out of the 20 I listed, I got around to watching 16. But with 2015 just around the corner, it's high time I list another 20 must-watch films for next year!

I started listing them down, and I seriously thought 2015 wasn’t going to be a big blockbuster year, but low and behold, my first short list was 40 entries long! So to help me narrow it down, and because being a power franchise would be unfair, I won’t be including SEQUELS and REBOOTS in this list. I think Avengers Age of Ultron and Pitch Perfect 2 and Star Wars Episode 7 are a given right? I’ll just put those in my 2015 reboots and sequels list.

So here it is, my Top 20 List of 2015 Movies I’m Most Excited About that aren’t sequels or reboots!
(*Dates are from clickthecity’s upcoming movies schedule unless otherwise specified. They’re subject to change, of course.)

#20 Fifty Shades of Grey (February 11, 2015)

Okay, for the record, this only made it to the list because of all the hype it’s been getting these past few months.

So fine. I’ll ride the bandwagon. And I guess I am kind of curious why all the women are freaking out about this Christian Grey guy.

#19 Jupiter Ascending (February 5, 2015)

The brothers behind The Matrix are back with another sci-fi action adventure that I’m hoping will blow our collective minds! But I’m also hoping that the CGI and action beats won’t be TOO complicated. The trailer seems to indicate that things might get too crazy to comprehend.

#18 Goosebumps (August 7, 2015 according to the Movie Insider)


This brings me back. Goosebumps was one of only a handful of books I used to read as a child, and now it’s going up on the big screen! Yay! No more reading! The movie will star the loveable Jack Black as the novels’ author, R.L. Stine.

#17 Get Hard (April 15, 2015)

Will Farrell and Kevin Hart teaming up for a comedy? Yes please! And it also helps that Allison Brie co-stars in what will probably be a very juvenile and racially offensive comedy flick… Exactly how I like Will Farrell and Kevin Hart.

#16 The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (August 13, 2015)


Acclaimed 60s TV show turned movie is about two top spies from different nations working together to thwart the nefarious plan of a mysterious criminal society.

The movie stars Henry Cavill (Superman), Arnie Hammer (Lone Ranger), and Hugh Grant. Waaaay too much handsome in one movie, if you ask me.

#15 Annie (January 21, 2015)

I think the trailer for Annie has been show in the Philippines for more than a year now. It’s been shown so much that I’m already getting tired of it, so good thing it’s finally being shown this January, coz I cannot take any more waiting!

#14 San Andreas (May 28, 2015)

It’s The Rock VS. the rocks! Man vs. nature! It’s all been done before, but what makes a compelling disaster movie is its ability to strike fear in your heart, and this looks to be one of those movies.

That, and I really, really want to see The Rock punch an earthquake.

#13 Focus (February 25, 2015)

Will Smith plays a master thief training a rookie Margot Robbie. They fall in love and things suddenly get all steamy and perilous.

Coincidentally, these two will also play two criminals working together in the upcoming DC movie, Suicide Squad. It’s no Suicide Squad yet, but probably the closest thing we’ll get while waiting for the highly-anticipated DC movie.

#12 The Last Five Years (February 13, 2015 according to the Movie Insider)

Singing, romance, drama, Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan (aka That guy from SMASH), what more do you need to know?

#11 True Story (April 10, 2015 according to the Movie Insider)

This movie seems like it’s so seriously deranged that I wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up not showing this in the Philippines. Seeing James Franco and Jonah Hill in this form gave me CHILLS. I’m excited to see what they can do together outside their normal comedic element.

To be continued in Page 2!

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