The Batman Origin Story For Our Generation

Batman’s origin story has been told and retold dozens of times. Millionaire boy’s parents get murdered and boy swears vengeance against crime – we all know the gist of the story. So when a title like Batman "Zero Year" comes, I find it hard to be excited. I thought it was just another origin story... 


I was so totally wrong. Yes it's about the Batman's origin, but more than that it was a Bruce Wayne story. His skills before wearing the mask, his birth pains, and ultimately, his maturity. A story that sees Bruce battered, vulnerable, human

This was the best damn Bruce Wayne story I’ve ever read! 

It didn't matter that you only really get to see the title character very sparingly. You may not see Batman per se, but you see his shadow, you see pieces of him, pieces that eventually culminate into the Batman we know today. And seeing it unfold the way it did makes me appreciate the myth even more. 

Bruce Wayne IS Batman! 
It was fun, fresh, action-packed, energetic and heartfelt. I enjoyed it very much. I've always loved Capullo's detailed and striking art (Oroboros page, FTW!) and Snyder's writing is definitely premier stuff. His character work with Bruce and Alfred were some of the best I've read. This book is indisputable proof that a Bruce Wayne story can be just as entertaining as any Batman one.

Batman: Zero Year - Secret City is a story that reminds us that it's not the mask that makes Batman, BATMAN, it's Bruce Wayne. It's a treacherous road he needs to travel before becoming the bat and reading about was is a total blast! And this may very well be the definitive origin story for our generation!

If you've never read Batman, this is a good time to start.

Movie franchises could actually learn from this book. THIS is how you retell a classic story.

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