Bett's Birthday Bash: Marikina's Lilac Food Street

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For Bett's birthday last December, we decided to go on a food trip along Marikina's up and coming food street, Lilac Street!

Did YOU know Marikina had their own version of Teacher's Village's Maginhawa? Well I didn't! It's not yet as packed with restos as our Maginhawa (represent, yo!) but it still has some pretty awesome hole-in-a-wall food spots! And here were some of the places we visited!

1 Burrito Brothers

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That is one. GOOD. burrito! Sure there are others with much more filling and authenticity, but for a hundred bucks? This is worth way beyond its price!

IMG_5047 IMG_5046IMG_5049

2 Omonok

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Marikina has their own Korean chicken wings place in Omonok. "Omo" is a Korean slang to mean "surprised", in case you were wondering. It was okay, but personally, I still prefer Bonchon. Onomok's sauce is way sweet too strong, even for me!

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Also tried their Omo-log, which they say was a Korean version for egg rolls. Again, nothing too special, just some scrambled eggs and sea weed bits. LAME!

3 Pan De Amerikana

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We didn't plan on staying here to eat a full course meal. We were just supposed to drop by, try the ensaymada  they're so known for, then go to the next stop.

I sorely regretted that decision.

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The place was magical! It was very Alice in Wonderland - imaginative and a tad bizarre. I was left in awe! Just the unique beauty of this place will make you want to stay longer. We're definitely coming back here to eat an ACTUAL meal.

IMG_5075 IMG_5074
Also, check out THIS old photo of Eddie Garcia! Didn't realize he was such a looker back then!

But as for the ensaymada? Not too shabby. It was HUGE! It's almost the size of Bett's face! Imagine having to eat an ensaymada that big and that tasty for just P15!

IMG_5114 IMG_5117

4 Capriserrie Bakeshop and Café

This wasn't actually in the itinerary. We sort of just saw this across the street from Pan De Amerikana. And I took a picture of this really cool cake.:)


5 Greg and Sally

Fail. Needed a reservation.

5 Forget Me Not Cafe

IMG_5135 IMG_5136 IMG_5133 IMG_5129 IMG_5139 IMG_5138

Pleasant, barbie doll interiors but with under par food.

We should've just eaten our main course at Pan De Amerikana.:(

But at least we were able to take some nice photos there.:)

IMG_5143 IMG_5146 IMG_5150 IMG_5149 IMG_5145

6 Udderly Delicious Milkshakes and Desserts



And finally, to cap off the day's eating frenzy, we had some dessert in the form of a Milkshake! One was enough 'cause the shake was thick enough to last us our whole ride home.

And check out that name - "Udderly". Heh. Witty.

We ate PROFUSE AMOUNTS OF FOOD! It was MADNESS! Madness, I tell you! But it was incredibly fun going around Lilac Street and we're sure to come back for more. We want to try Tamagoya, Manila Wings, Barney's Burgers, Concho's Home of Sisig Goodness, Greg and Sally, and so much more! Lilac street, we're not done with you!

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