Time-Stopping Sex

No. This isn't a porn-related post.

You perv.

Anyways, it's about Sex Criminals, my latest book find! A book about a couple who can stop time every time they get an orgasm. The most titillating intriguing premise in comic book history!


It's a book about sex, but not ABOUT sex. It about sexual awakenings and exploration, awkward sexual encounters, hell, it's even about finding the perfect sexual partner. Throw in a bit of romance and relationship squabbles in there and that pretty much makes up 80% of first TPB volume of Sex Criminals.


This book is blunt, vulgar, and occasionally rude! Sex is talked about VERY openly and with gusto, like listening to Boys Night Out on steroids, and if you aren't comfortable with that kind of dialogue, you're not gonna want to read this. But at the same time, the sex talk is entertaining, snappy and down right hysterical. (You could almost imagine the two creators childishly laughing at their sex jokes while they were writing this!)

SexCriminals-19 Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 12.48.57 AM

Its genius comes from its refreshing perspective in writing sexual content. It's done tastefully and not "porn"-y at all. And its cartoon-ish and goofy looking art aids to dial down the erotic tone. I'm not sure I like the way characters are drawn, but I certainly appreciated the intent.

Another thing I enjoyed about the book is its clever way of going back and forth from past, present and future. The book utilizes this surreal, dreamlike exposition style. Thought bubbles are illustrated, instead of written. Its visual treatment is kind of like Family Guy meets House of Lies

While the style is pretty cool, transitions can sometimes be hard to follow due to its unpredictable nature. I mean, one panel you're talking about what's currently happening, and in another, without warning, you're suddenly in a flashback sequence. But read it a few times, and you'll eventually get it like I did.

The first half of of the book, we just see the back story of the two main characters. We read about how they struggle with other partners until they eventually meet and fall for each other. It was nice, if you're into that lovey-dovey sorta thing. But somewhere along the way, it went to this weird place where they introduced this supernatural "villain" named Kegelface. It became a generic superhero/sci-fi book that made me lose interest for a time.

Ye Kegelface and her sex minions.

Never the less, Matt Fraction's writing is something to admire. All his witty dialogue and colorful back stories and meaning-of-sex undertones were incredibly entertaining. Chip Zdarsky's art was vibrant and energetic to say the least.
I probably won't be picking up the second volume. I'm good with just downloading the book. I have a hard time reading it in public anyway. Haha. But it's still a great book to start reading. With a love story you root for, easily relatable characters, fast and funny sex themed dialogue, and a generally fun read, Sex Criminals is sure to STAND OUT. (Pun very much intended.)

Go read it. You know you want to.


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