Aquaman and his Super Friends


Justice League Throne of Atlantis is DC's latest animated movie. And it's about Aquaman. The Justice League member that's almost never any kid's favorite. Because fish. 

And while I enjoy how he is being written right now in the comics (and yeah, they made him super awesome), the movie doesn't help his rep much. It was very poorly written and never breaks away from the preconceived notions that make Aquaman so infamous.

JLAtlantis-NYC premiere(1) B4b074oIEAAtC7v.jpg large
The JL were the supporting cast. It was really mostly about these two.

+ Justice League being detectives.
+ Villain sushi.
+ Nathan Fillion's back as GL.
+ Mera kicking major ass!
+ Batman. Because he's Batman.

- Aquaman still wasn't cool. Never distinguishes himself.
- Impossible to buy Aquaman's transition into King figure.
- Typical plot with a lot of unnecessary little subplots
- Unbelievable scenarios (in terms of character motivations and actions)
- Not a lot of action compared to first movie.
- Stakes weren't really tangible.
- Overall shallowness.

Mera. AKA the only character I enjoyed watching.

It was okay. But it could've been better. It's something fans would still watch for sure, but even they are going to have a hard time remembering this movie after the first viewing.


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