300: A Repeat

Movie Review: 300: Rise of an Empire


It's a prequel and a sequel...What do you even call that? A Quel?

Saying that 300: Rise of the Empire has the same appeal as its predecessor is both a good thing and bad thing. It's a bad thing because there really wasn't anything new here compared to 300. (Except maybe for the most kick-ass female lead) But on the other hand, it also just means that it was as good as 300! If you've got a taste for heavily stylish carnage and an unpretentious plot, then you'll love this quel! 

In short, if you loved the first film, then you'll love this one too!

300-_Rise_of_an_Empire 300-Rise-of-An-Empire-Calisto
Good guy Themistokles and ninja spinning Athenian, Calisto.

hr_300-_Rise_of_an_Empire_17 300-Rise-of-an-Empire-Artemisia
Queen Gorgo shines at the eleventh hour, while Artemisia is consistently amazing.   

That's basically the bottomline, but to elaborate, here are what I found to be appealing about the movie:
  • It has (as expected) the most epic of war sequences, accentuated by its distinct visual imagery, unrelenting gore, precision choreography, and the slow mo effect that's used in great effect.
  • Just like in its predecessor, and movies like Ender's Game, this movie depicted classic military warfare strategies in a simple, engaging but comprehensible fashion.
  • Its plot was uncomplicated. Persians are invading Greece, and Athenians are fighting for its freedom. But I find its simplicity to be a pro rather than a con. It's really the art and warfare that made this franchise famous.
  • Its distinct visual style extends to its massive set pieces and aesthetic landscape shots. Watching this movie was like watching layers upon layers of striking instagram pictures. 
  • The production design has so much attention to detail, like how they made Athenians less abs-y to show the contrast between them and the Spartans. This supported the integral notion that Athenians were the more diplomatic ones versus the war hungry Spartans.
  •  ...Eva Green and Lena Headey kicking butt!!! Eva Green's psychotic swagger made her all the more alluring.

Eva Green: Stealing the show and killing good guys.
It's admittedly a small step down from the original, but it's not at all bad. And for the many times I cringed, and the added testosterone I got from watching this movie, I give it a....


PS. I HATE those goddamn cuts! Stupid Filipino cinema censoring.

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