Classy, Cozy and Yummy : Via Antonella

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance if my description of the food seem redundant. I can say "ang sarap" in only so many ways.:)


For years I've been searching for a nice, romantic, classy place to bring my girlfriend that's not too expensive. And I'm sure a lot of guys look for a similar place. And I'm here to tell those guys - it's not a myth! I've found it! There really IS a place like that!

And this place is called Via Antonella!

Via Antonella, which opened just last Oct. 28, 2013, is a lovely little place along Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Q.C. It is the brainchild of Mr. Edwin Pimentel, entrepreneur and family man. He actually named the restaurant after his wife and daughter, Antonia and Mikaela. (Sweet, huh?)

Via Antonella serves fusion Filipino cuisine. Their initial menu was crafted together with his chef brother-in-law. But now their menu has evolved from the collective imagination and talent of their in-house chefs. We got to try a few of their best-sellers, and we were very impressed!


Hanger Steak (P395)

Their specialty is their Hanger Steak. At first, I wasn't sure what a "hanger" steak meant. I thought the steak was shaped like a clothes hanger. (Seriously.) But, as I later learned, it's actually made from US hanging tender beef, a cut of beef steak that's known for being exceptionally flavorful. And my god was it flavorful. *insert drooling face here* Even without the (equally yummy) sauce, the meat on its own tastes so rich and it was oh so tender! I lost myself in the moment when I took my first bite! 

It's partnered with the subtly sweet mashed kamote. Antonella's twist on the popular potato side dish. 

You can get the specialty plate which is the Hanger Steak with the Mashed Kamote, salad and buttered vegetables, or you can get the Steak and Mushroom (P255) rice meal which consists of - yup, you guessed it - the steak with rice.

Chili Tuyo Spaghetti (P185)

This is their best selling pasta dish. You could smell its delicious aroma from a few feet away! But be warned, they're not kidding around with the chili. It's seriously spicy!

Cream of Shitake and Leeks (P105)

This is genuine mushroom soup! It's thick, savory and chunky from real mushroom bits! Don't let the plate fool you, it really quite a lot. Me and Bett weren't even able to finish one. It's also served with garlic bread.

Lamb Caldereta (P195)

Sir Edwin's favorite. If you're like me and you don't like your lamb with an after taste, then this is for you. It's meat is soft and falls off the bone. And you're also sure to enjoy it's cheesy, creamy goodness.

Mikay's Chicken Barbeque (P175) and Cheesy Sisig Lumpia (P165)

Mikay's Chicken Barbeque is traditional, perfectly grilled, and very tasty. It's savory inside and out!

And the Sisig Lumpia is the perfect pulutan while drinking! Who doesn't love sisig with their beer?? And screw spoons and forks, just grab your sisig with your fingers! It's not only unique, but it tastes pretty good! Also, it's a lot less oily (if at all) than sisig on sizzling plates.

Rootbeer Espresso Float (P138) and House Blend Iced Tea (P68)

The Rootbeer Espresso Float is for coffee lovers. It's root beer with an espresso shot and coffee jelly. If that's not enough wake you up, there's a scoop of sweet vanilla ice cream on top!

Their iced tea isn't your regular supermarket powdered iced tea. Their tea is brewed from actual tea leaves. But they mix it with flavors to give it a invigorating fruity taste! It's even good for sharing! Truly a drink you can only find at Via Antonella!

Waffle Ala Mode (P125)

Freshly baked waffle with mangoes, bananas, and chocolate syrup. Just a delectable way to cap off the night's meal.

Addendum: I went there again on another day and tried another dish, the Liempo Confit ala Bicol Express (P175). The liempo wasn't fatty, and the sauce was creamy and just the right amount of spicy. So good!

And for the folks who fancy a beer or a glass of wine, you can get them here too. Now I'm not a wine connoisseur, but I AM a beer man. And their P45 a bottle of Beer Below Zero San Mig Light is already a pretty good price nowadays.

Wine and Dine

They have 2 bucket packages: (1) a P270 bucket for 6 beers PLUS chicharon, fries OR pinoy nachos for pulutan and (2) a P540 bucket for 12 beers and bicol express, beef tenderloin tips OR pinoy nachos pulutan.


Aside from the really good food, Via Antonella has simple but elegant interiors. It has a cozy country home look. The white walls with mirrors the shape of windows makes the space feel wider and the LED pin lights make the ceiling almost starry.

Starry, starry lights.

They have a peculiar 2nd floor. It's like a windowed balcony and it's where the kitchen is placed. On a busy night, you see the chefs frantically going about. The flames from their cooking almost seem like a show for diners.

IMG_0135 (2)
See the kitchen upstairs?

You know what? I'll just stop talking and just let my photos speak for themselves.:)



Bett and I with the big boss, Sir Edwin Pimentel. Thank you sir!

Every Friday and Saturday nights is their acoustic night. Match the good food and ambiance with some soothing music. It's perfect for a romantic night with your partner or an evening with your barkada!

Me and Bett had a lovely and filling evening at Via Antonella, and I'm sure others would too! 'Coz in Via Antonella, you get mouth-watering quality food, the elegance of a first-rate restaurant, and more than your money's worth! 


Via Antonella is located at #189 Maginhawa corner Makadios Street, Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.
It's open from 11 am - 10 pm daily. But on Saturday's they're open til 12. 
For more information, go to their Facebook page here.

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