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I'm starting a new segment. When the new year came, people kept making the resolution to say yes more, or go out more, or try new things. We'll I'm going to try doing things too. It won't necessarily be things I've never done before, but things that are just unique and fun. Stuff you wouldn't normally do. Every entry will be a different activity. And I'm sharing the experience through the blog for you guys who want to try them too!

And what better way to start this segment than with the activity I love the most:

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Football! (Or soccer. However you want to call it.)

I've been a football player since grade school. I'm not that good, was never a varsity member, never had any proper training, but I love the sport like hell! So much so, that a few friends and I started a group that just play for fun: Maningning United (Man U, for short).

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Photos by Max Aficial

Our group plays for the spirit of the game. No rough playing, to profanities, no sore losers, just pure, unadulterated, fun and everybody loving everybody! (Sounds like some sort of church group, doesn't it?) We play every Sunday, 10 am at the UP Sunken Garden. And we welcome ANYBODY who wants to play or learn playing! Literally anybody. In our group, we have old and young (from grade schoolers to old professionals), men and women, experts AND beginners.

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Recently, we've also been playing in Marikina Night football. It's an organized event every Friday night (8pm) at the Marikina Sports complex. For more info about it, check out their facebook page here. Basically, teams of 7 who want to participate come and pay an entrance fee of P150 per player. The organizers then match the teams up and then game on! Fast paced, 15-minute, 7 a side games the WHOLE night!

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No team? No problem! You can come and the organizers will find a team for you to join. Great way to meet new friends who share the same football passion!

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My girlfriend came one time to cheer us on! (Thank you to her! Check out her blog post about us too!) The black and white photos are just some of her amazing pictures!!

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Nothing beats having teammates who share the same love for the game as you do and who share their skills and experience so everyone can be as good as them. Losing never feels bad, coz you won't have people criticizing you or blaming you for being bad. Instead you have people just unintentionally making you a better player. From the bottom of my heart, I love Man U.

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If you want to have football fun, come join us! The Sunday games are more relaxed, while the Friday games are a bit more competitive since we're playing against other teams, but it's still not tournament level intensity. Just go to Sunken on Sunday, and look for Maningning United. People there would probably already know us. We've been playing there for 3 years already!

See you at sunken! - Man U

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