Videos of the Week #4


It's time again for Videos of the Week! And this time, it's commercial week! Just some of the most interesting and wackiest commercials I've seen in a while. And since commercials are just a few seconds short, I figure I'd list down more than 3 this time.:)

1 Celebrity Charity Shenanigans

There's actually 2 videos here. For some reason, social groups seem to enjoy pitting 2 famous people against each other to get attention for their cause. Seems to work, since I ended up watching them.

Ladies are probably too busy gushing over these two to even listen to what they're saying. I know I am.

Will Ferrell being his usual prick self (that we all love).

2 Car Insurance

This is a car insurance commercial with a surprising cameo appearance in the end. 90 kids will love this for sure!!!

3 Doritos Love

This is just a mix of wit, humor and cuteness! Most Doritos commercials are.

4 Life of the Party

I don't think I've seen anything like this before. The commercial revolves around a main character who isn't a paid actor. He's acting and reacting to everything in his environment the way a real person would. And it's just amazing seeing him be game for everything that's thrown at him!

Admit it, you wanna be this guy.

BONUS: Villains United

This one's been circulating the interwebs for a long while now. But it's just too cool to not include! It's Loki, Mandarin and Sinestro! Come on!!!

There you go! Next week ulit! Hope you enjoyed!

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