Captain America VS. Winter Soldier


I hated Captain America: The Winter Soldier!!! what a crazy person would say.

Anyone who doesn't think Cap 2 was good must've been watching a different film...Or a pirated copy...Or in mute...

THAT SAID, I do have a few problems with it. (SPOILER MODE: ON)

1 Trailer reveals too much

 Story-wise, nothing really surprised me. You can anticipate every major twist based on the trailer. Cap fighting SHIELD was in the trailer. Cap donning his old costume as a symbol for his rebellion was in the trailer. The Winter Soldier being Bucky was in the trailer! (That last one was general knowledge to fans though.) Robert Redford's Alexander Pierce being the unknown puppet master wasn't in the trailer, but you sorta just expect it from the get go. (Especially when he tried to cast doubt on Nick Fury.) Before watching, I knew the plot would have a political angle, and with advance reviews all saying Cap's "the best superhero movie ever", I was expecting a mind blowing plot twist, or some profound philosophical narrative within the story....But sadly, the subject of unreserved government surveillance for the sake of national security is tired, and is ultimately, predictable. The movie was very good. But it wasn't great.
Spoiler much?

2 Where was Tony Stark?

I guess this was just an itch at the back of my head...But why wouldn't Cap go to Tony Stark when they were trying to figure out Nick Fury's secret flash drive? I mean, in Avengers, Tony was the most vocal about his distaste for government secrecy. He would have been the perfect ally in all of this. And yes, I know it's a Captain America movie, but they all live in the same universe now, and each other's existence can't be ignored. All the other post-Avengers movies explained to a certain extent why the other Avengers weren't involved.

3 Black Widow's forever cap hair

Just that. It was just so flat!

Don't get me wrong though, I LOVED the movie! Those two things aside (last one doesn't really count), every thing else was absolute perfection! Below are the things I loved about the movie: (Grab a coco, this could go on for a while. And again, SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER!)
  • Goddamn! The action! GODDAMN!!!! This is where the movie trumps the trailer. Whatever action you see in the trailer is feh. compared to the movie's. Cap was VICIOUS! Cap was awesomesauceamazeballs!!! The grace and choreography, the power behind each blow, was too wonderful.
  • The Arnim Zola and Hydra reveal was awesome! My 4th best "holy crap!" moment. (This includes Sitwell being Hydra. Damn it Sitwell.)
  • The 3nd being Winter Soldier kicking that one guy in a plane's propellers! WTFrack, Bucky!!! 
  • The 2nd being Cap knocking a plane off the sky with his bare hands. (I think almost all of Cap's action sequences made me go "Holy Crap!")

Everything really IS in the promotional materials!
  • And the 1st being.........QUICKSILVER AND SCARLET WITCH!!!!!!!!!!!! OH. MY. FRIGGING. GOSH. THEY. DID. NOT. JUST. DO. THAT!!! 
Nick Fury. Not just a cameo. And a more developed Black Widow.
  • Natasha was a slightly better Black Widow here. I appreciated the writers giving her a bigger role than just being eye candy and actually giving her some personality! (Didn't care much for the flat hair though.)
  • Nick Fury finally getting some much awaited screen time! And kicking butt!! (Hope we see a Fury - Hill solo movie!)
  • Cap and Abed in the moooorning! (Abed cameo! Yey!)
  • Anthony Mackie's Sam Wilson was a pleasant addition to the very grim group of spies.
Not the bromance we know from the comics, but it's getting there.
  • No more SHIELD. I'm excited to see how this affects the entire Marvel Cinematic universe.
  • And finally, The Winter Soldier himself...even though we're left hanging in the end, I'm glad it leaves open a chance for a Winter Soldier spin-off movie, or Marvel short. I hope the former happens!:D Props to Sebastian Stan for making us empathize with his character even without that much dialogue. I used to look at Winter Soldier as Marvel's Nightwing, but not anymore. Cap 2 proved that he's a character who's fascinating enough to carry a movie.
Winter Soldier Movie, please!

Captain America 2 is certainly one of the greats. If anything, it's the 2nd smartest superhero movie to date. (Sorry Cap, TDK still holds that title for me.) But the very very little it lacks in plot, it makes up for HEAVILY in the action. Captain America 3 couldn't come soon enough!


PS. Stay for the 2 post credit scenes!

PPS. I love you Chris Evans!

PPPS. Wish we saw more of Emily Thor....I mean, VanCamp's Agent 13 aka Sharon Carter.:)

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