To have an idea how I feel about Non-Stop (Or Liam Neeson in general), please watch this video below.

Liam Neesons is MY SHIIIITT!!!!!


The plot was very straight forward. You've got a weary US Air Marshall Bill Marks (Neeson), who gets on a plane where a hijacking occurs. The hijacker, who hides himself behind text messages, asks for $150 million or someone on the plane will die every 20 minutes. To make matters worse, the killer is framing Marks for the hijacking! The next 90 minutes closely follows Marks as he tries to uncover the truth behind the mystery murderer and clear his name.

Liam Neeson is the best at what he does. And what he does is make everything intense.

And herein lies to appeal of the movie. It's a very gripping murder mystery. Everyone's a suspect - the pilots, the passengers, the new friend, the flight attendants, the suspicious looking ones, and the non-suspicious looking ones. Every clue directs Marks to a new person of interest/a new "enemy". And every 20 minutes, anyone can die. No one is safe. And no one is innocent. It's hard not to get paranoid yourself.

non-stop4 Non-Stop Liam-Neeson-in-Non-Stop-2014
Only Liam Neeson can make texting this fierce.

With geri-action star Liam Neeson, you get just as much butt kicking with your intrigue. But Neeson doesn't just flex his muscles and throw kicks and punches, he makes his character gritty and real, his angst and anxiety so tangible. And no matter how cheesy things get, you buy into it because of Liam Neeson's naturally heavy on-screen presence. You sympathize with his character even though half the time he's just looking at his cellphone and casually roughhouses passengers. 

There were some nuances in the end, implausibilities and holes that make you ask, "if they're the bad guys, then how did they do this or that?" But there's probably a level of tolerance you get if you're part of the Liam Neeson fandom which stops you from really nitpicking at the story. In the end though, it's still a no nonsense and captivating action thriller. It kept me at the edge of my seat throughout! The tension was totally NON-STOP! (Mahehe, just had to put it in there again.)


Some more notes:
  • Love the treatment they gave with the text messages. The panels were really alive and in real time.
  • Props to the director for giving a split second to focus on the reactions of the many secondary characters. It's just enough to make you think "HE'S THE GUY!"
  • SPOILER ALERT: My favorite part was Marks' speech to the passengers when he finally reveals to them what's going on. Felt like a huge thorn being taken off my back! And Liam Neeson sells it perfectly!

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