2 Years Young!

Last Feb. 10, Bettina and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary of being together! Wooht! Doesn't even feel like 2 months.:)

From Bett's instax.:)

Disclaimer: This is a pretty late post, mainly because of the numerous photos I took.:) But one month isn't too late, I think. Hahaha!

I started the day by giving her the prettiest flowers ever! And took a ridiculous amount of time taking pictures of (and with) it.:))

Next we went to Mandaluyong to look for the infamous Kanto Freestyle breakfast place. What was supposed to be for breakfast, ended up being a lunch meal. Apparently there are 2 Kanto branches in the Mandaluyong area and we first went to the branch in Boni, which was, to our surprise, REALLY small. This couldn't have been it! Fortunately, we found out from a friend that there was another branch in Kapitolyo.:)) UN PALA ung sinasabi ng mga tao.:))

IMG_9954 IMG_9955 IMG_9959 IMG_9961 IMG_9972
Check out the very cool, grungy style interiors.

The food was just okay though. Nothing special. The Bett's Batangas tapa was pretty good, I guess. But mostly, it literally WAS just food you could find at a kanto. But I think Kanto's appeal comes from being able to mix and match what you want in your breakfast. Check out all the different items they have. They have a lot!

Tons of choices to mix and match!

IMG_9979 IMG_9975
Crispy Pork Belly (P95)...turns out that just meant lechon kawali. It was kinda meh. I was fooled by the fanciness of the name. :))

IMG_9980 IMG_9978
Bett's Batangas Beef Tapa (P95) was at least more tasteful. But the serving leaves you wanting.

My mix and match plate of bacon (P20), eggs (P25) and french toast (P50)!

They've got their own version of wicked Oreos. I forget what they're called though. But they're good!

Next stop was SM Megamall, in the newly opened Fashion Hall building with the re-opened skating rink!!! It's been such a long time since I was on the ice! (Naks! Spoken like a pro-skater!) And even more importantly, it was Bett's first time!!! I figured, how else was I going to make our anniversary more memorable than by getting Bett to do something she's never done before?:)

IMG_9990 IMG_9994 IMG_9996 IMG_9995
First timer!

It was CUHHRAAAAZZYYY inside the rink. Tons of people were there! Some "pros", and some, us included, crawling on the side rails. Hahaha! Everybody starts off that way. But eventually, after around an hour, Bett was able to let go and actually "skate" for a couple of feet or so! Sure she fell a few times, but hey, everybody falls. Even I did. Once. On my butt. It hurt like hell. But we had tons of fun, falls and all!

IMG_9998 IMG_0005 IMG_0004 IMG_0002

After our recreational sport-ing, we walked around until eventually ending up where we would have our dinner, Kichitora of Tokyo. We were supposed to go to Greenhills for Santouka (coz I read somewhere that their ramen was in the top 10 list of ramen in the Philippines) but got too tired to transfer malls. But to be fair, Kichitora's ramen was hella good!!! No regrets there! And after tiring myself out, I felt I deserved to pig out a bit.:D

IMG_0065 IMG_0064 IMG_0013
My whole meal! Chintan Ramen Set (P340, I think.)

IMG_0015 IMG_0029 IMG_0027 IMG_0012
Pork Chashu Rice (so good), Almond Jelly (so delectable), and the small and simple, 
Chintan Rame Bowl.

IMG_0025 IMG_0021
 Paitan Ramen Zenbu No Se (P300)

Bett ordered Paitan Ramen Zenbu No Se, Kichitora's best seller. For good reason! It was so creamy. It was a really unique kind of ramen! I recommend this dish for ramen lovers out there!

IMG_0031 IMG_0036 IMG_0033 IMG_0053 IMG_0050 IMG_0051
So, sooooo, good!!!

After dinner, on our way home, we stopped to get a massage at Nuat Thai. Wasn't able to take pictures there though (duh!). And even if they allowed pictures, I was asleep the minute I sat on their chair for my foot massage.:) Sarap magpamasahe ng pagod!:)

And that concludes our day. Flowers, food and figure-less skating! (Para lang mapilit na F lahat.) I hope she enjoyed it.

I think she did.:)

Happy anniversary Bett! I love you! Until our next anniversary adventure!!!

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