Videos of the Week #3


Week 3 is humor week!

Here's the top 3 funniest shorts I saw this week!

Jean Claude Van Damage!

It's just real funny for me seeing Van Damme try to do comedy. It's one of those things that are too ridiculous, it works. If you want more Van Damme humor, watch Welcome to the Jungle (2013). Van Damme there is a team building instructor, and he's frigging hilarious! Also, Freddie Wong is the man for getting guests THIS big in his homemade videos!

Honest Trailer for 300

Before watching the sequel of 300 in the theater, refresh your 300 knowledge by watching this very honest trailer from Screen Junkies. It's an eye opener!

Lego Batman VS. Lego Superman

Excited for the Batman VS. Superman movie? Think you know who'd actually win if they DID fight? Here's a video by Keshen8 that predicts the result if that fight went down. Seems pretty accurate if you ask me.:)

That's it for this week!!! Next week ulit!

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